Margie Joyce
Special Agent-in-Charge

As special agent-in-charge, Margie is responsible for providing premier protective services for learning and performance standards. She uncompromisingly enforces laws and regulations in designing training programs that provide strategic solutions for such diverse clients as NGOs, consulting firms, small businesses, U.S. Agency for International Development, and Department of State. For over 15 years, Margie has worked collaboratively with subject matter experts to confront and amend challenging problems in education, global health, and human rights, including gender-based violence.

Margie has a Masters’ Degree in Instructional Technology: Design and Development from George Mason University. She has worked in a number of countries, including Taiwan, Uganda, Jordan, India, Kenya, Jamaica, Indonesia, Ghana, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She lives in Washington DC and enjoys spending time with her son, Alex, and dog, Oscar.