Our mission is to create a world free of learning casualties

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Global Impact

Learnitude’s experience literally covers the globe from the United States to Brazil to Egypt to the Philippines and many countries in between. Participants range from peacekeepers to bomb technicians to lawyers, and topics range from leadership to tactical medicine and from defensive tactics to high-risk prison transport. So, from wherever you are to wherever you are going, we have you covered.

Our Work

Our mission is to create a world free of learning casualties; we achieve this by conducting a deep dive of the issues.

Investigate the root cause of learning casualties

First, we learn about the target audience—where they stand and how far they need to go. Then, we learn their environment—what resources can they access, what challenges will they face, and what support will they have. We study their culture and their potential motivation. This information enables us to make critical design decisions such as determining what instructional strategies and delivery methods will be most appropriate and effective for the learners.

A learning needs analysis helps us begin with the end in mind. Before designing a learning product, we ask the following five questions:

  • What impact or outcome will satisfy our need?
  • What do the learners have to perform to create the desired impact or outcome?
  • What knowledge, skills, and competencies do the learners need in order to perform?
  • What do they need to perceive in order to learn and perform?
  • How do you know they have learned?

Only after we fully understand the answers to these questions do we begin our design.

Design learning experiences that address key gaps

At this stage, we design a solution to address key skills and knowledge gaps identified during the investigation. We follow the instructional systems design (ISD) model, which is a systematic and iterative method for creating learning experiences that develop and enhance the learner’s skills and knowledge. It intermingles education, psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and communications to create the most effective learning programs.

Learnitude prides itself with its ability to work with the best of the best in terms of subject matter experts. The ideal way to understand skills, knowledge, and competencies needed in any given area is to work with experts in that field. Together, we determine the process required to become an expert and search for problems or potential problems to get there.

Deliver learning solutions designed for humans

Now, our goal is to make learning happen and to make learning fun. Here is where we develop and deliver the learning solutions that gain learner attention and improve retention. Learnitude models best practices—limited lecture, increasingly complex activities, lots of learning aids, lots of interactions and brainstorming, and lots of opportunities to build upon existing knowledge, get feedback, incorporate feedback, and add new knowledge and skills.

Learnitude designs learning experiences to effect change in human behavior by developing a love of learning and critical-thinking skills that take learners to the highest level of learning. We aren’t satisfied with learners learning the how—we keep on until they learn the why. This is our not-so-secret sauce. Our wish is that you take it and run with it (or with us).


Our solutions help achieve learning results to unleash the potential of your people.

Learning Experience

We follow a rapid ISD model incorporating global best practices to create the optimum learning environment that ensures cognitive learning every time.

The result is learners who have opportunities to reflect on what they are learning and how it applies to other areas. Not only do they learn the how but, more importantly, they learn the why.

Learning Support

Learnitude provides critical support for your training efforts from design to delivery; our learner-centric experts can help you achieve learning results.

Being an expert in the subject matter is, of course, a requirement but so is being able to transfer that expertise. Our train the trainer courses not only explain best practices for training, but more importantly, they model them.  

Learning Improvement

We ensure that our solutions align with your priorities by asking: Is the learning relevant? Did learning occur? Can more learning occur? Where? How? Was the training delivered efficiently and effectively? If not, why not?

For answers, we have designed multiple assessment tools, which we scrutinize and investigate ways in which to improve.

Learning Culture Development

Building a culture is difficult. Preserving it can be even more difficult. Learning is an ideal way to influence culture as it deals with changing organizational behavior.

Our learning interventions create an opportunity to introduce programs, policies, and processes that can build a positive and supportive workplace so your team can do its best work.

Our Team

Wassim Subie
Chief Learning Investigator
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Sandra Rose
Learning Compliance Investigator
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Michael Folch
Master Detective
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Kay Pedre
Surveillance Investigator
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Tairou Askandarou
Investigative Analyst
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Grant Bennett
Investigative Analyst
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Zachary Price
Senior Technology Investigator
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Robin Simmons
Internal Affairs Officer
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Rami Guzlan
Identity Analyst
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Cindy Mosier
Honorary Training Agent
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Don Gill
Honorary Correctional Agent
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Margie Joyce
Special Agent-in-Charge
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Unleashed Clients

“Learnitude supported me on the delivery of a State Department, Antiterrorism Assistance (ATA) pilot program. Their attention to detail and expertise in instructional design greatly contributed to the success of this new program.”
“With minimal guidance or oversight, Learnitude can quickly bring a project from an idea to beta testing to full operation. I heartily recommend Learnitude as a partner to anyone and I look forward to working with them again.”
“Learnitude was always willing to support the needs of the USG, helping to identify process and operational improvement that had a fiscal benefit to the U.S. government.”
“Learnitude developed tools for training evaluation and effectiveness using modern web-based programs and provided detailed reports on training outcomes on a monthly basis in addition to detailed, end of year reports.”